Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Presidio Paint Out August 29, 2010

I enjoyed a sunny day in the Presidio for a group paint out event. We were to paint anything we wanted visible from within the park, between 10 and 2 pm and then exhibit our finished work at the Officer's Club from 2-4pm.

I did this event about a month ago and this crowd was twice as big - over 50 artists participated. I decided to find a more unusual area of the park - one I was unfamiliar with, and that is getting harder and harder to do as the years go by. But there was one area I just never went into or explored and that was the Tennessee Hollow Watershed area. I chose the El Polin Spring area, despite the massive renovations and rehab going on there - maybe because of it. Certainly no other artists found their way to where I was. I didn't know anything about the El Polin Spring so I read up on it the day before.

There were convenient picnic tables there I decided to take advantage of. And some bird watchers who said they were watching the humming birds, of which there seem to be a bunch flitting around. They said there were some other beautiful species as well. Some one was doing some kind of bird watching pretty much the whole day. I added a couple of bird watchers into my painting.

Here is a photo of my little painting nook for the day, just as I was beginning to work.

I really enjoyed the day in the park and at the end of the day, seeing what all the other artists chose to paint and how they interpreted their Presidio scenes.

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