Sunday, February 08, 2009

Live Worms Gallery Show February 2009

I just completed participation in a group show at the Live Worms Gallery in North Beach, in San Francisco, CA.

It was interesting to show in North Beach. Many of the locals know each other - it almost had a small town within a city feel to it. And I really liked that so many people really seem to appreciate art and took lots of time looking at each and every piece in the show, and didn't just breeze through.

The reception was Friday night and it was jammed all night. All kinds of interesting and colorful people. The most common comment heard all night was that many locals thought it was the best show there yet. It was a real great reception.

Saturday also was the Chinese New Year's parade day (and the gallery was just a block from where streets of booths were and where the parade route was on Grant Street). It stopped raining so we got a lot of foot traffic throughout the day on Saturday.

I showed 10 encaustic pieces. People are still quite unfamiliar with the media so I was doing a lot of educating, which was great. The more people learn about encaustic painting, the more people will become comfortable collecting it.

The photo below is my section of the show and the other photos are some of the other work included in the exhibit.

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