Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Open Studios 2008 Fort Mason

Last weekend, I did my annual Open Studios at Fort Mason, San Francisco. In past years, it has been the same weekend as when the October Fest is also being held at Fort Mason, so we also got good foot traffic, even if some had had one too many beers.

This year, however, it was fleet week and many many people come to the bay's edge at the Marina to picnic, party and watch the Blue Angels. The weather was great and there were a ton of boats on the water, leaving a wide swarth in the middle clear for where the Blue Angels swoop down close to the water and zoom around the tops of the boats.

It was a great weekend and one woman told me she comes every year to see what I'm working on and that she's "one of my groupies". That was very sweet to say.

Below are some pics from the weekend. I took a lot of photos of the blue angels, but most of them ended up being tiny little dots within gorgeous scenery but the jets were too small.

My display, showing encaustic paintings on the wall and miniature oil paintings on the table and other goodies:

A little fair being setup right next to our building:

The Blue Angels, doing their upside down flying thing:

Clear blue skies and the Blue Angels, flying close together:

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