Sunday, November 04, 2007

Open Studios 2007 at Hunter's Point, San Francisco

On Saturday, I went to visit the Open Studios at Hunter's Point in San Francisco. Despite all the piles of dirt and construction down there, I was able to find a parking spot. Admittedly, I only visit the studios in the main 101 building because I always get kind of burnt out before I venture to any of the outlying buildings of studio.

Here is a picture of outside the main 101 building. I thought it would be more crowded but maybe it was related to when I went:

Here is a shot of the Silent Auction Gallery they have every year:

Here is my friend Idell Weiss. I always end up at her studio and hang out for a bit and say hello to all the visitors wandering into her studio:

Here is Idell's favorite painting. She paints in two tracks - abstract and landscapes:

And here is one of her landscapes that I like a lot:

I'm on several waiting lists to get a studio space of my own and I hope to having Open Studios 2008 from my own space in one of the artist collectives.

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