Monday, May 04, 2009

Rained Out Plein Air Session

Sunday it was my day to return to plein air painting. I haven't painted outside in several years and I was looking forward to getting "back on the horse". I was going to paint with my friends Cynthia and Michie and take them to Sausalito to paint boats, from under the gazebo.

But we got there and it was so rainy and windy and cold and it turned out there wasn't a dry spot to be had under the gazebo and we forgot our chairs and it was pretty darn fogged in (which would have been cool but all the other elements made it not quite as appetizing).

So we gave up and went to Starbuck's for something warm to drink and wandered in and out of the stores and gallery along the Sausalito waterfront strip.

We decided to drive back to the city and after a short rest, Michie and I decided to go to the beach (just blocks away) to take photos. Michie is a photographer and lately she's been working on macro images of stuff that washes up in the surf. There wasn't much but there was a little. It was still cold and really foggy, but the rain had at least stopped. I had my crappy camera and mostly took pictures of Michie taking photos, but it was fun.

Okay, it's all blurry and weird but this was *my* art photo shot with my lame camera.

And here as the real photographer at work.

This is how foggy it was - those fisherman were not too far away!

Had a lovely dinner with Cynthia and Michie and their son Max and while we never got to paint, it was a great day in unexpected ways anyway! And we'll try to make the painting thing happen again soon. But it was a great way to spend a rainy and foggy Sunday.

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